Živa edition

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Perfect for brunches, nightly dinners or special occasions, this serving plate was brought to life by a recognized Czech illustrator Michal Bačák, who found his inspiration in Bohemian folklore, particularly in Slavic goddess of life, fertility and abundance ‘Živa’ (meaning ‘Alive’). A compelling combination of milky blue and golden colours makes this porcelain piece a truly unique, functional and attractive addition to any dinnerware collection. Choose your perfect colour and start making your dinner guest list for the upcoming weekend! Comes in Cobalt Blue, ‘Milk’ (partially gold plated), and Byzantine (an opulent gold edition) editions.  

€ 131 - € 148

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 5 × 30 cm

Gold, Porcelain

  • Fine white porcelain
  • Gilded with genuine gold
  • Illustrated by Michal Bacak
  • Dish washer resistant
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