Un Deux Trois vase

Un Deux Trois vase


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Established by the glass experts Filip Dobiáš and David Gabera, the brand Crystal Creative utilizes traditional glass cutting techniques to create a variety of unique high-quality home decor items. This hand-blown, hand-cut aquamarine gem is a testament to the designers’ craft and a great way to add a statement piece to your living space. Looking classy both with or without flowers, it will lend a pop of colour to any shelf or table.
Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 19 × 24 cm



Bohemian crystal

  • Hand-blown from ecologically clean lead-free crystal
  • Hand cut and polished to high a high gloss
  • With genuine silver gilding on the top
  • Limited edition
  • Signed by the artist
Please contact with any additional questions regarding shipping or delivery.
Filip Dobias crystal and glass designer

Crystal Creative

When two talents meet 

Crystal Creative is a joint project of Filip Dobiáš and David Gabera, who both believe that art is – above all – about the joy that comes with creating something beautiful and authentic. 

While David (1976) has a lifelong experience with glass cutting and a well-established reputation, Filip (1990) is a fresh graduate of the Institute of Glass in Toyama, Japan and a rising star of the glass design industry. He won the Ludwig Moser Award in 2014 and you may have spotted his pieces at the world-famous Designblok or his very own exhibit in T.I.G.A. Gallery in Japan.

What is especially unique about Filip’s work, is that all his pieces are 100 % hand produced – another thing that ties him to his new partner in crime, David. Under the flag of Crystal Creative, they are combining new artistic approaches and technologies with traditional craftsmanship. And we can’t help but think they are killing it.


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1 in stock

€ 641

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Un Deux Trois vase

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