Transformation II

Transformation II

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A collection of hand-engraved vases from the Transformation series originally produced for the exhibition in Copenhagen can now become a part of your home collection of vases. Each glass vase is decorated with imaginary drawings of fossil flowers, using engraving wheels. In a way, Eliška wanted her objects to resemble fictional elements that give space for one's imagination and sensation. This delicate and soft Transformation II vase comes on an elegant steel pedestal making it a truly unique décor piece in any interior.
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 23 cm

Crystal, Gold


Bohemian crystal, Brass

  • Hand-blown from ecologically clean lead-free crystal
  • Uniquely hand carved
  • Limited edition - 1/1
Please contact with any additional questions regarding shipping or delivery.

Eliška Monsportová

Taking glass design a little further 


Eliška is studying – at Rony Plesl’s glass atelier at the UMPRUM in Prague, in case you are interested – and working on her own projects at the same time. No wonder she spends most of her time in a studio, immersed in the creative process and dreaming about all the beautiful, clean, yet useful objects she would bring to life one day. 

Prior to UMPRUM, Eliška studied ceramics design at the art high school in Ostrava. Because she loves to work with glass as well as with clay, she refused to abandon either of them and instead decided to learn how to mix and match different materials together. 

When she is not trying to invent new ways to combine materials, she is working on herself in some other way. Whenever she sees something interesting in her surroundings, she sketches it, in case she needed some inspiration later. She travels and meets new people whenever she can – in part for the same reason. But, most importantly, she keeps her eyes and her mind open – at all times. 


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Transformation II

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