Swallow vase

Swallow vase



€ 103 - € 155

This collection of vases in different colors and shapes was created by Nalejto studio. A joint project of Lenka Záhorková, Markéta Kalivodová and Lucie Vostalová who share the love for all things handmade and all things porcelain. The Swallow collection tells the story of two interacting materials. It combines - porcelain and plastic - to point out that our world and its history is slowly being swallowed by plastic. If you look closely at this beautiful vase, you will see the pattern of its surface resembles as if wrapped up in a plastic film - which, in this case, further accentuates its elegant form. It is a subtle yet meaningful, thought-provoking piece, perfect for displaying fresh flowers or even as a conversation starter. 
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 33.5 cm


  • Inner mixture composed of plastic, top layer in porcelain
Please contact with any additional questions regarding shipping or delivery.
Nalejto porcelain and ceramic design studio


For the love of porcelain 

Nalejto is basically a girl band, but instead of pop hits, they make beautiful porcelain. There are three members at the moment – Markéta Kalivodová, Lucie Vostalová and Lenka Záhorková. Each of them has her own style, technique and source of inspiration, and yet, their brand has a very distinctive charm and personality. This might be because they all have a common goal – to find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. 

They got together in 2015 at the ceramic atelier of Ladislav Sutnar’s Faculty of Art and Design in Pilsen, and they have since exhibited their talents in multiple shops and galleries. Their speciality is tea sets, bowls or vases, but not exclusively – they also make porcelain toys, lamps or jewellery. Apart from Nalejto, the girls work on their separate projects as well. We wish them all the luck, of course, but we also hope their girl band will never split up, ever. 


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€ 103 - € 155

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Swallow vase

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