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Morphe is a design studio founded in 2012 by two young artists – Zbyněk Krulich and Kristýna Malovaná. They met during their studies at Prague’s Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, and it was their shared enthusiasm for problem-solving that brought them together. Multi-talented people they are, their studio covers a wide range of disciplines including product and furniture design, interior design, art direction or consultancy. A long list, indeed!

Every design that comes out of Morphe – be it a set of tableware or a hair salon interior – is based on a strong idea. The execution is sophisticated, minimalist and – there is no other word for it – flawless. It is no wonder Zbyněk and Kristýna presented their work at all kinds of international fairs and exhibitions in Prague, Milan or Berlin, nor that they both received several awards. 

While Zbyněk left the studio in 2015, Kristýna keeps giving love to every project that lands on her table. And when she is not working hard in (what is now) her studio, she works on her jewellery brand.


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