Seal Heart ring

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A beautiful ring in the shape of a heart made by Janja Prokič for Homa collection in 2018. The collection, which was inspired by culture, myths, and unique natural heritage of Papua New Guinea. The only place on earth that is in inhabited by the birds of paradise. While this collection follows a story of Homa that is flying on birdwings to the mysterious island, we follow Janja, who tells us a story, through beautiful symbols that she transforms into jewellery. The eye in the middle of the heart is a symbol of protection from the evil spirits and misfortune. The heart is a symbol of love and affection. Together they form a magnificent amulet, which makes it a perfect gift for anyone you care for.

€ 217 - € 242

  • Sterling silver Ag (925/1000)
  • Gold-plated sterling silver Ag (925/1000)
  • Ruthenium-plated sterling silver Ag (925/1000)
  • Handmade
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