Dolce Vita carafe

Dolce Vita carafe

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€ 101

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 28 cm

1000 ml



  • Hand-blown glass
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Lukáš Jabůrek

There is something about glass

No one talks about glass the way Lukáš Jabůrek does. It’s a bit like listening to a father talking about his most beloved child. Lukáš, the former art director of Moser, considers glass to be the purest of all materials. He especially loves its optical qualities – the way the surface reflects its surroundings and changes colour depending on where you put it.

A trained glass-cutter and true craftsman, he often spends time in the glassworks, perfecting his designs and coming up with new ideas on the spot. Lukáš’s style is a mix of traditional and modern and his goal is to make pieces that tell a story – pieces that represent not just him as an author, but also some bigger idea.

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€ 101

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Dolce Vita carafe

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