Cubism vase

Cubism vase


€ 65



  • Glazed porcelain
  • Inspired by Czech Cubism
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Vjemy design studio


Changing your perception of design 

Vjemy is a studio founded in 2013 by Adam, Samuel and Světlana Cigler. If their surname sounds familiar to you, it might be because Adam and Samuel’s grandfather, Václav Cigler, is a famous glassmaker, and their father Jakub a successful Czech architect. Following the family artistic tradition, they design beautiful interiors as well as furniture, tableware or jewellry. 

Instead of focusing on trends, they create masterfully crafted, well thought-out designs, that will never go out of fashion. Their respect for material (they mainly work with wood, metal or porcelain) is oozing from every single thing they made. When creating, the trio tries to always look at the big picture, which means their collections always have an overarching concept. 

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€ 65

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Cubism vase

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