Crystalline I vase white

Crystalline I vase white

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Discover this colorful collection of fine porcelain vases with distinctive crystalline glazing as never seen before. After spending countless hours of scientific and partially also alchemical experimenting with a variety of different temperatures, oxides and applications techniques, Milan discovered a magical formula, which allows crystallines to artificially grow on the surface of the vase - a process that normally takes thousands of years. As such, each vase has its unique pattern due to the different reactions of crystallines with particular compounds under high temperatures and a string of multiple meticulous oxidation and reduction processes. Thanks to distinctive design the vase makes a beautiful (unparalleled) decorative piece on its own as well as with flowers. Choose the color you like and make one of these charming vases yours.
Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 15 cm


  • Crystalline glazing technique
  • Unique pattern
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Milan Pekař

Vases you have never seen before

In the world of ceramics, Milan Pekař is a well-established name. Let us explain why: 

In 2006 he graduated from UMPRUM Prague (where he now teaches himself) and a few years later, he started his own studio. He could have experimented with existing techniques, but he wanted to create something new, something no one had ever seen before. So he began researching and testing, mixing and remixing, until – finally – after a series of trials and errors, he developed a new type of glazing. He has been using this technique to create unique vases and other beautiful objects ever since.

What makes Crystal Glazes, as he likes to call them, so special, is that their top layer is disrupted by all kinds of chemicals. The outcome of this process is the most charming patterns imaginable. It is no wonder Milan’s creations are in the catalogues of the world’s most famous shops and galleries – and also in our own! 


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Crystalline I vase white

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