Chalice vase

Chalice vase

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Inspired by timeless modernity, this handmade piece made from concrete and an old Bohemian glass vase combines modern influence with traditional motif and makes an elegant addition to your home.  The glass vase is hand-cut with the traditional Bohemian star pattern, which is done by the top Czech glassmakers and recognized globally. The concrete is left unpolished, which in the end gives this originally meant to be a delicate vase a raw industrial look. 
Weight 7.4 kg
Dimensions 14 × 23.5 × 14 cm

Concrete, Glass

  • Handmade from upcycled glass
  • Limited edition 1/1
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Prasklo recycled design maker


A gentle touch of cement

Vases from Prasklo are a proof that unlikely combinations make for the best pairings. Made of glass and concrete – yes, we are talking cement here – these vases are somehow both elegant and raw. As if that wasn’t unusual enough, all the glass is recycled from old perfume flacons, alcohol bottles or light fixtures. 

The mastermind behind Prasklo (and the used-glass-collector-in-chief) is Petra Švejdarová, a starting artist from Prague. She says she never really thought about starting her own brand – she just kept turning her ideas into real-life designs and then the rest happened. Prasklo has been gaining acclaim since its beginning in 2015 and got nominated for the Best Product Award at Prague Design Week in 2019.


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1 in stock

€ 323

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Chalice vase

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