Bubbles carafe

Bubbles carafe

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€ 95

The design of this hand-blown glass carafe is based on the basic geometric shape of the sphere. Uniting eye-catching design and quality craftsmanship, Lukáš Houdek creates objects that can confidently become a functional addition to any kitchen. Similarly to the glasses from the same collection, the carafe is made to perfectly fit into the palm of your hand to provide superior grip. Looking to infuse a bit of class into your dining or drinking experience? We have a solution that comes in many colors.
Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 8 × 23 cm

1000 ml



  • Handblown glass
  • Unique pattern
  • Dishwasher resistant
Please contact with any additional questions regarding shipping or delivery.
Lukáš Houdek glass designer

Lukáš Houdek

The glassy comedian 

Thanks to its nature, glass is traditionally considered to be a rather serious material. Lukáš, a young Czech glassmaker and designer, disagrees completely! For him, glassmaking is – above all – fun. 

He uses all kinds of techniques, doesn’t shy away from colours, and likes to combine different materials, too. What makes his pieces distinct and recognizable, is that there are – basically – Lukáš’s jokes in disguise. What to expect? Pop-culture references, exaggerating and quite a bit of parody. One of his most notable pieces is a crystal chandelier in the shape of a basketball basket. 

While he (clearly) enjoys humour, one thing he takes seriously is his craftsmanship. And it is paying off.


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€ 95

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Bubbles carafe

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