Botanical Garden wall mirror

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This reflection of style, beauty and light is created by Eliška's soft and delicate hands to give life to her imagination and leave a part of her personality. Having always been fascinated by the coexistence of nature and humans, Eliška took an artistic approach to remind us about the importance of flora and endangered species. The mirror comes in the style of a historical triptych with engraved details of a greenhouse. Combined with the reflection of self, the object proves once again that the coexistence of flora and humans is symbiotic. Make your interior reflect your space (literally!) and see the natural treasures shine through and behind the misty glass.

€ 5,600

Dimensions 69 × 98 cm

Stainless steel

  • High polished 'moon' mirror
  • Engraved stainless steel 'wings'
  • 1 main oval mirror
  • 2 parallel semi oval mirrors on the inner side of the wings
  • Limited edition - only 1 piece produced
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