Belly vase medium I

Belly vase medium I


€ 365

Designed by the young conceptual glassmaker Lukáš Novák, this beauty is a result of Lukaš's use of a long forgotten unique 200-year-old Bohemian glass-making technique called lithyalin. Lithyalin is a type of glass distinguished by its opaque and marbled surface resembling semiprecious stones, which evoke space-like patterns imitating interstellar Nebulas and space dust clouds forming various galaxies. With the help of a glass technologist, Lukaš revived this unique method and reapplied it in modern context, with a variety of shapes and sizes. For Lukaš, glass is a medium that is capable of transmitting emotions and thoughts through forms and stories. Comes in different shapes, sizes and colours, the vases from the Lost and Found collection don't even need flowers inside them to look mesmerizing.
Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 11 × 17.5 cm


  • Mouth-blown lithyalin glass.
Please contact with any additional questions regarding shipping or delivery.
Lukas Novak designer

Lukáš Novák

Capturing the Zeitgeist

Lukáš is an artist, designer, glassmaker and – above all – a storyteller. His pieces aren’t just visually striking – they are also a commentary on the world we live in. Take the collection of dysfunctional vases inspired by shapes and colors of corporate brands like McDonald’s, Facebook and Google. Lukáš called it Hello, empty future and we may as well know why. 

Another great example could be his exhibition, which was lit by lamps shaped like eyes. This was to remind us that we are 1) being watched, and 2) obsessed with who is watching us. Oh, and did we mention the name of the exhibition (SOLD YOU, FAKE FUCK CHILD) was a clickbait? 

Lukáš comes from Nový Bor, an unofficial capital of glass industry. He studied at UMPRUM in Prague under Rony Plesl. In 2018 he was nominated for a Designer of the Year for his Lost and Found collection. And fun fact for the end: He loves working at night, because he can work freely with no distractions, only taking a break now and then to walk his dog Fluff.


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€ 365

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Belly vase medium I

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