Ever had the pleasure of standing in a room
that perfectly matched your idea of beauty?
We’re here to make that feeling
a part of your every day.

The Art of
Bohemian Living

To us, bohemian living simply means living in harmony with your true taste, unconstrained by trends and labels. It’s a journey that starts with acknowledging that taste is less like a talent and more like a voice – everybody has it, the trick is to find and cultivate it.

and Listen

With so many influences competing for our attention, it’s now harder than ever to tell where someone else’s idea of beauty ends and our own begins. A peaceful oasis in the busy heart of Prague, the garden of Artiseme is a perfect retreat for those who want to introspect and reconnect with their aesthetic intuition.

Choose Artisan

To honour your unique taste when decorating your home, you need equally unique objects to choose from. That’s why we only stock pieces that were made by local artisans – most of whom we know in person – who poured their hearts and souls into creating something beautiful and timeless.

Your Style
Is Born

Once you learn how to listen to your aesthetic intuition, you’ll notice something wonderful happening. Just like a soundtrack to a movie is made of different songs linked together by a common theme, everything you surround yourself with will now match perfectly together, too. Not because someone said it, or because it fits the ‘eclectic’, ‘minimalist’ or ‘Scandi’ label. Because of you.

the Founders

For us, the Bohemian spirit lies in taking a step back from what the trends say we should find beautiful and – instead – searching for a definition of our own. We believe our personal spaces should be reflections of us, and understanding your unique aesthetical taste brings you closer to who you are.

From the Founders