Designer | Vuudh


Bottled up smells from around the world

Have you ever come back from a holiday with an intense memory of that distinct smell filling a particular city’s air? Well, just as every place in the world has its unique culture and cuisine, so are varied parts of the world characterized by different smells – and the Thai brand Vuudh knows this very well!

This brand’s range of interior fragrances captures the atmosphere in each one of the eight different Asian metropoles Vuudh picked as their inspiration. From walking inside of a temple in Bangkok to spending a hot summer evening in the glowing streets of Tokyo, each of Vuudh’s eight scents are inspired by personal recollections of cities visited by the creators.

Using high-quality and natural essential oils, Vuudh fragrances are exotic yet sophisticated and are guaranteed to recreate a memory of a chosen place in any household, including yours!