Designer | Veronika Švábeníková

Veronika Švábeníková

Beautiful coincidences 

You know that feeling when you look up at the night sky and find yourself mesmerized by its beauty? Because that’s more or less how we feel when we are looking at Veronika’s vases. 

The way she makes them is truly unique. She takes common ceramic materials and processes them in anything but common ways. She often experiments with colors of glazing, too – instead of using the pre-mixed tints, Veronika combines different kinds of oxides to create a stunning marble-like finish. She never follows a plan and likes to just go with her creative flow, which means she often ends up creating something (like a color combination) she really likes, but can’t repeat it because she wasn’t making notes. This means every vase she makes is a true original. 

When she is not playing with clay, she is playing with dough (she is a big fan of home-made bread) and walks around Prague.