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The charm one’s native soil 

Tyformy is an independent studio based in Prague. It is a place to go if you want an extraordinary piece of jewellery to spice up your everyday life, or if you like porcelain with a story. The studio was founded in 2011 by two (then) VŠUP Prague students –  Julie Šišková and Pavla Vachunová. After Julie left the studio to pursue other projects a few years ago, Pavla kept the studio going and became the main ‘chef’. 

Her most commonly used ingredients are porcelain and other ceramic materials, although she often adds metals and all kinds of natural materials to the mix as well. Most of her creations are inspired by nature – and not just by nature in general, but by very specific locations and their particularities. As Pavla says herself, she is often influenced by memories of her childhood, which she spent wandering around Horňácko and enjoying lots of quality time with her family. 

Our favourite thing about her creations is that there is something comforting about them, something warm we associate with our own childhoods. So far, her pieces were exhibited in China, United Kingdom, Sweden or Germany, and we are sure that’s only the beginning!


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