Designer | Nina Fránková

Nina Fránková

A slightly different take on ceramics 

Who says ceramics = bowls, plates and vases? Not Nina. Instead of forcing her hands to create a perfect object that would tick all the artistic boxes, she lets her hands take over the process. She approaches ceramics without rules, following nothing but her intuition – just like the first humans did when they first discovered this wonderful material. 

What is it she’s doing exactly, then? Nina’s creations most often qualify as sculptures or installations. Rather than showing the outcome of her efforts, she gives her audience a little sneak peek into what is the creative process like (hint: it is an absolute magic mixed with existential crisis). 

Although she studied ceramics and porcelain in Prague and Amsterdam, she often expresses herself through drawings, photography, text or video as well. Her work has been a part of all kinds of exhibitions and events, be it in Prague, Belgium, Lithuania, Netherlands, Korea or Sweden.


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€ 65