Designer | MUCK


Playful ingenuity

MUCK is a studio comprising of Romana Jašková, Kristýna Kouřilová and Ondřej Červený. They got together for a school project during their studies at Prague’s UMPRUM and when they discovered they make a great team, they decided to continue working together. 

Their characters, views and opinions often clash, but they believe the conflict makes their work better and keeps their ideas fresh. Whether they are designing an interior, furniture, tableware or home accessories, they always work with a concept in mind, which means there is a bigger idea behind everything they do. 

In 2015, they designed an innovative furniture collection called UNI, which earned them nominations at both Czech Grand Design and Designblok. And we are certain it wasn’t their last one. Whatever they are working on, it is granted to be meticulously crafted and – most importantly – clever.