Designer | Michal Pražský

Michal Pražský

The best of both worlds 

Michal is both an interior designer and a glassmaker. He graduated from UMPRUM’s atelier of product design with a beautiful set of beer glasses. During his studies, he learnt a very difficult but very exciting silver-plating technique, which makes glass look as if it was alive. It was this technique that inspired him to create “Waves”, an iconic collection of bowls and lamps, which look just like rippled water. 

However, product design isn’t his only forte. In the designer circles, he is well-known for combining product and industrial design, and for being really really good at it. The new, soon-to-be-opened ZOOT stores are a shining example thereof, and so is his Žižkov apartment, where he lives with his wife, little son and a cat.


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