Artist | Mária Kobelová

Mária Kobelová

And her search for meaning

You know how life never follows a straight line, but when you look back on it, it always makes perfect sense? That’s exactly what Mária’s designs feel like – organic, just like life itself. 

Mária is a designer and a jewellery maker, as well as an exceptionally perceptive human being. Perhaps that’s why she always wants her designs to have a meaning – and no, she is not afraid to dig deep in the search for it. Her work was recognized at international exhibitions in Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Germany or Poland. She was nominated for the Talente Award in Munich for her jewellery and won the competition for the Czech National Culinary Team with her porcelain set of tableware. 

Although she comes from Slovakia, she lives and creates in Prague – across the river from us, actually – and we are happy to have her here!