Artist | Maestrokatastrof


Zero-waste porcelain with a twist 

Silvie Luběnová is a true renaissance woman – she is a designer, illustrator, ceramics and porcelain maker, antique collector and, perhaps most importantly, a big fan of recycling. Under the alias Maestrokatastrof, she redesigns old or broken ceramic and porcelain pieces, so they could start anew – maybe at your own home! 

Most often, she adds some illustrations to complete the already existing patterns, but she loves to use cutouts from old photos, too. She finds these at random flea markets or antique stores, and now and then she sneaks in something from own her family album. 

She has a very black sense of humour, which explains her collection of illustrated urns, which she cheekily named The Very Last Collection. It seems the jury of Designblok 2012 didn’t find her collection too grim though, otherwise it wouldn’t win that year’s Editor’s Choice Award!