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Beechwood in motion

When she was deciding what to do for her dissertation, Pavla Boháčová (then a student at the Faculty of Art and Design in Pilsen) didn’t have to think twice. Although she was, technically, studying illustration, she took on a challenge of creating her first toy collection. 

The outcome? A flock of multi-colored wooden birds that won hearts of kids and adults alike. Encouraged by her success, Pavla joined forces with friends and fellow enthusiasts and started her own brand – KUTULU. Under its flag, they are now making not just wooden birds, but also wheeled horses or figures and creatures inspired by Greek mythology. 

The brand’s philosophy is as simple and elegant as their designs – to make high-quality wooden toys that will grow up with their little owners and, eventually, become a cherished piece of memorabilia. And we have to admit – had we grown up with toys like this, they wouldn’t end up in the attic, ever.


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