Designer | Jiří Krejčiřík

Jiří Krejčiřík

Very very versatile

Jiří is a 21st-century version of a Renaissance man. His “repertoire” includes interior, furniture and product design, glasswork or art direction. Thematically, he is most interested in cultural heritage – both antique and modern – which is why his pieces often combine traditional visual elements with the current ones.

His experience is just as versatile. After graduating from Ladislav Sutnar’s Faculty of Art and Design in Pilsen, he did an internship at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, worked for several international brands and studios and started his own. It’s called NAPADLOME and specializes in interior design. He has also been working at Rony Plesl’s atelier, creating lighting fixtures, installations and other glassworks.

In that little free time he has left, Jiří does all kinds of sports, drinks red wine and plays with his cat. We can’t but approve – especially with the wine and cat part.


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