Designer | Jakub Berdych

Jakub Berdych

The ambassador of Czech art and design

Jakub is the co-founder of Qubus, the cult design studio, and one of the leading figures of contemporary Czech design. Originally, he studied to be a sculptor, but he later moved on from it to design, glass and porcelain. 

His portfolio includes house plants made of glass, plastic bucket full of glassy bubbles or a beautiful vase being deformed by plastic clips. While he is often labeled as a designer, he himself considers his work to be more on the art side of things – mainly because his pieces are often comedic and not very serious. 

In 2008, Jakub became an art director of the curated gallery shop DOX by Qubus, which showcases the best of Czech design. Apart from the gallery shop, is also curating exhibitions abroad, to make Czech art gets the recognition it deserves.