Artist | Greyco


Who said grey isn’t a beautiful colour

Kateřina was a sommelier and a fashion industry insider with a secret passion for design. Karel made his living constructing bathrooms out of concrete, wondering why more people can’t see just how beautiful this material could be if handled with the care it deserves. When these two met they 1) fell in love and 2) founded Greyco, a studio that strives to change the way people see concrete. 

Taking advantage of Karel’s technological expertise, the couple managed to create a unique blend of concrete – such that removes some of its traditional qualities. By getting rid of its dark colour and high absorbency, they got a material which is easy to use when creating beautiful interior decorations and objects. 

The first one to have the pleasure of working with this material was František Zelinka, a young designer who has designed the first-ever Greyco collection.