Designer | František Jungvirt

František Jungvirt

The master of crystal 

František is still a student, yes, but that is not stopping him from being one of the most original designers in the country.  He is both a glassmaker and a visual artist, which explains why his work is often the most colourful one in the room. While his well-managed technique comes out of traditional mastery, his approach is youthful and modern, often reflecting current pop-culture trends. 

In 2018, he earned two awards in the Master of Crystal competition, both for his portable lamp called Barok. A pompous combination of baroque elements and modern technologies, the lamp is not only a piece of art but also a great example of František’s signature style. Apart from Prague, you could have admired his designs in Milano, Jerusalem or London, and from now on you can do so at our e-shop, too.


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