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A gentle bow to mother nature

Dosena was founded by Adéla Lakomá, a young glassmaker and a graduate of the Glass Design atelier in Zlín. Her speciality is hand-crafted glassware (regular glasses, beer glasses, liquor glasses, wine glasses, vases, decanters, bowls – you get the idea) decorated with natural motives and created in partnership with SUPŠ Valašské Meziříčí.

Adéla hand-decorates her pieces with natural, often floral, motives. Her attention to subtle detail is absolutely striking – it’s as if she has been lying in a flower field, studying her subjects for days before reaching for an engraver. And you know what? Perhaps she did just that, because fun fact: Adéla comes from a family of farmers.

Her background explains why she often draws inspiration from traditional agriculture and why sustainability is her top priority. No wonder one of her “star” products is an upcycled glass jewellery (made of old reading glasses). Even the name of the brand – DOSENA – reflects her respect for mother nature, as it refers to the way she packs her orders – into hay.

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