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Daniel Vágner

In love with glassmaking 

When the time came to decide which school to go to, Daniel applied to Glass Technology – not because he was particularly interested in it, but because it was one of those programmes that didn’t require him to pass an entrance exam. It could have become no more than a funny anecdote, had he not ended up in an atelier of master Břetislav Novák Jr.. Novák was the kind of teacher that knew how to ignite a spark and so it didn’t take long for Daniel to fall in love with glassmaking.

Fast-forward to present day, and Daniel is now a successful glassmaker. He has an atelier of his own and enjoys the freedom that comes with it – especially the fact he doesn’t have to wake up too early. And although being a master of his own comes at a price (he often has to work the weekends as well), he wouldn’t change a thing.

If you ask Daniel what is it he’s most proud of, he will say it’s his son and his baby girl. To that, we would like to add that in 2020, he won the Glasscutting World Cup – and that’s not a small thing, either.

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