Aziya is a female artist based in Prague. She was born in a family of artists in Kazakhstan and was raised between theater where her mom was playing and the studio where her dad was sculpting. This has shaped her perception and provided the basis for creativity and self expression. Aziya lived in Europe, US,

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Welcome to AZIYA’s world. The world of colourful paintings that capture attention with its vibrant traditional patterns, tones and compelling women. Born in a family of artists, visionaries and influencers, AZIYA’s main objective is the duality of life, how chaotic and simultaneously tranquil it can be, beautiful and ugly, good and bad.

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Grandlife questions:

What would the title of your autobiography be?

“Hundred Lives”

What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?

My favourite Sunday activity is to prepare brunch for my family. It already became a tradition to make crepes on Sunday. I like them with goat cheese and truffled honey paired with very dark earl grey tea.

If you could choose one person you show you their artistic skills (in any art music, painting, glass, pottery, or architectural…) who would it be and why?

It would definitely be my grandfather Jumabai Umetov who died when I was small. He was an award winn... Read more

It would definitely be my grandfather Jumabai Umetov who died when I was small. He was an award winning artist specializing in tapestry. I would want to learn from him more.

What or who has inspired you recently and why?

My friend Jakub Hiermann. He is a very talented perfumer, amusing raconteur, and a reliable friend. As an artist, he inspires me with his creations, his scents. It is something that speaks to me daily. “Grow Like a Lobster” is one of the paintings directly inspired by Jakub. He told me about Lobster phenomena that they grow in a stressful environment being constantly under pressure in their shell.

What music or books are you listening to/reading these days? Who are some of your favorite musicians/writers?

I am currently reading “Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality" by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá and I can only highly recommend this book. It sparks a wider conversation about the origins of human sexuality and the role that culture and biology play in shaping our sexual behaviours and beliefs. It explains why we behave certain way sexually and why we became monogamous.

What album or song would you chose as your personal soundtrack to your life or your creative process?

“Take Five” by Dave Brubeck would be a soundtrack to my life. I understood it the moment I heard this song. It is my most favourite song of all time.

When you think about your art are there any particular emotions that come back to your mind?

When I think about my work, I experience gratitude for my past and present that allows me to share my inner world on canvas. It is definitely a very strong positive emotion and this is how I want my audience to feel when they look at my work.

What are your favourite places?

Prague is my favourite city I am falling in love with every day. I love strolling the streets of Old Town and grabbing a beer at U Tygru. I love having tartarak standing at the marble table in Kantyna and observing people nearby. And finally, I love having long walks with my dog starting from Naplavka and walking all the way along the river to Prokopske Udoli. In addition, I enjoy Paris. One of my favourite non-touristic places is Hôtel Drouot. It is an auction house known for fine art, antiques, and antiquities. It consists of 16 halls. The atmosphere there is incredible. It is worth seeing some very modestly dressed senior people buy 5-6 figure priced items. There are items for every budget, so If you spot a piece of interest to you and decide to participate in the auction, then great! If not, it is still an interesting place to visit to see what is currently on the market, to widen your exposure to a variety of antiques and art under one roof, to develop your own particular tastes, and to hone your evaluation skills.

What's your favorite travel destination and why?

I have few- London, Paris, Como. If I had to choose It would be Lake Como in spring or autumn. It is the place that re-energizes me. I remember staying at the stone villa with the view to the lake. We picked wild mushrooms in the forest, fried them with potatoes and guanciale, opened a bottle of red, and had our simple yet delicious dinner in the garden overlooking the lake. This is the destination I want to go back to yearly.

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€ 4,085

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€ 3,591

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