A brand of exceptional things produced based on traditional ethnic cultures. 

Founded in 2017 in Kyiv by the creative duo Nataliia Kamenska and Maria Gavryliuk, today Gunia Project is not only about beautiful objects with a story, but rather a mission to preserve Ukrainian national values and show the world the beauty of Ukraine.

Tomáš’s work is always accompanied by his innate feeling for clean shapes and lines combined with an incredible ability to project them into useful and functional designs. In his ideas he fully bets on the organicity of forms and especially the materials he works with. His artistic journey is characterised by the transition from working with wood to hand-blown glass and crystal as the noblest of materials. (more…)

Founded in 2020 by brothers Jakub and Martin Klimeš with the ambition of creating a furniture which would bring the manufacturing process of powder coating closer to the human and thus metal to the interior space. They see steel as noble material with a long-lasting value, such as wood, stone and glass.

They became familiar with powder coating through a family business in which they grew up. The structure of powder coating in matt finish, the shades of colours combined with curved shapes unite the interior into one whole suitable for everyday life.

Zeitgeist Limited is Prague based independent design brand setting a new strong face for design in Central Europe. Specializing in quality personal items, interior objects, bespoke furniture and lighting. Their crew does not compromise between function and beauty – to them they are a total power couple. Honest materials, local craft and the latest technology combining authorial know-how with traditional methods are all reflected on various levels in their award-winning limited edition series. The neverending hunt for the exceptional is their fuel through the inspirations of the night.

Investing emotion of life into work

Klimchi’s heart and soul is dedicated to handcrafting beautiful glassware for the moments in life you want to hold onto. The family-run glassblowing studio is situated in a mountain region of the Czech Republic, where their master craftsmen have been keeping alive the art of bohemian crystal since 1905.


For beautiful moments at the dinner table

Mindset is a little studio with a big goal – to turn our mealtimes into a beautiful experience. It was founded by Yana Pavlenko, a former ceramic student who had the idea while travelling around Japan and witnessing the transformative power of fine dinnerware first-hand. After coming back home, she decided to join forces with other ceramic designers and start a brand of her own. (more…)

A gentle bow to mother nature

Dosena was founded by Adéla Lakomá, a young glassmaker and a graduate of the Glass Design atelier in Zlín. Her speciality is hand-crafted glassware (regular glasses, beer glasses, liquor glasses, wine glasses, vases, decanters, bowls – you get the idea) decorated with natural motives and created in partnership with SUPŠ Valašské Meziříčí.


There is something about glass

No one talks about glass the way Lukáš Jabůrek does. It’s a bit like listening to a father talking about his most beloved child. Lukáš, the former art director of Moser, considers glass to be the purest of all materials. He especially loves its optical qualities – the way the surface reflects its surroundings and changes colour depending on where you put it.


In love with glassmaking 

When the time came to decide which school to go to, Daniel applied to Glass Technology – not because he was particularly interested in it, but because it was one of those programmes that didn’t require him to pass an entrance exam. It could have become no more than a funny anecdote, had he not ended up in an atelier of master Břetislav Novák Jr.. Novák was the kind of teacher that knew how to ignite a spark and so it didn’t take long for Daniel to fall in love with glassmaking.


Janja is – without a doubt – one of the most original jewellery makers out there. She was born in Belgrade, Serbia, but moved to Prague when she was nine and later graduated from a number of local art schools.

She created her first jewellery line in 2011 and got nominated for the Czech Grand Design Award right away. Beginner’s luck, you think? Not in the slightest. Several nominations followed as well as two awards for the Jewellery designer of the year – in 2014 and 2018.  (more…)

Happy potter

Hrnčírna (Pottery) is a project of Petr Jurníček, a potter from Zbýšov u Brna and something of a maverick in the field. At age eighteen, after completing his auto mechanic training, Petr decided to study under an academic sculptor Roman Wenzel and become an artist instead. He has been spinning the potter’s wheel ever since, often working alongside world-renowned potters like Steve Fullmer, Owen Barttlet, Anna Barnnet or Barry Brick. 

Taking glass design a little further 


Eliška is studying – at Rony Plesl’s glass atelier at the UMPRUM in Prague, in case you are interested – and working on her own projects at the same time. No wonder she spends most of her time in a studio, immersed in the creative process and dreaming about all the beautiful, clean, yet useful objects she would bring to life one day. 

Do it yourself and better

Pavlína Fričová needed a clutch bag but couldn’t find any she would like. And so she decided to make one herself. She did what most of us do when we need some advice. She watched a few tutorials and two days later she held the dreamt-of clutch bag in her hands. 

Craft will never go out of fashion 

Whether we realize it or not, the things we surround ourselves with – especially those we rely on daily – become a part of our personality. Well-aware of this, Veronika and Max have dedicated their brand to creating handbags that are worth carrying around. 

Project bag girls

PBG is a Prague-based studio focusing on handbag design. It was founded in 2011 by Aneta Vojtová and Tereza Horáková, two childhood friends who were struggling to find a handbag that would be both elegant and big enough to fit everything they needed. At first, the two self-taught designers made handbags just for themselves, but when more and more people asked if they could buy a piece, they decided to start a business. 

A beautiful equilibrium 

Andrea is a designer with a wide range. She designs interiors, sets, furniture and home accessories – the latter of which fall under her brand Piece of GRAM. The essence of her brand lies in a perfect balance between beauty and technology, as well as between the masculine and the feminine.

The best of both worlds 

Michal is both an interior designer and a glassmaker. He graduated from UMPRUM’s atelier of product design with a beautiful set of beer glasses. During his studies, he learnt a very difficult but very exciting silver-plating technique, which makes glass look as if it was alive. It was this technique that inspired him to create “Waves”, an iconic collection of bowls and lamps, which look just like rippled water. 

A slightly different take on ceramics 

Who says ceramics = bowls, plates and vases? Not Nina. Instead of forcing her hands to create a perfect object that would tick all the artistic boxes, she lets her hands take over the process. She approaches ceramics without rules, following nothing but her intuition – just like the first humans did when they first discovered this wonderful material. 

The master of understated design

Martin is an industrial designer and innovator. He believes the best product design is such you barely notice, which is why he favours high functionality and sophisticated details. In the past decade, he’s been particularly interested in 3D printing technology, which influenced his vase collections (WAVE, SPIRAL and ZIG ZAG) and prompted him to co-found Prototypum, a start-up studio focused on innovations and prototyping. 

A gentle touch of cement

Vases from Prasklo are a proof that unlikely combinations make for the best pairings. Made of glass and concrete – yes, we are talking cement here – these vases are somehow both elegant and raw. As if that wasn’t unusual enough, all the glass is recycled from old perfume flacons, alcohol bottles or light fixtures. 

Capturing the Zeitgeist

Lukáš is an artist, designer, glassmaker and – above all – a storyteller. His pieces aren’t just visually striking – they are also a commentary on the world we live in. Take the collection of dysfunctional vases inspired by shapes and colors of corporate brands like McDonald’s, Facebook and Google. Lukáš called it Hello, empty future and we may as well know why. 

Beautiful coincidences 

You know that feeling when you look up at the night sky and find yourself mesmerized by its beauty? Because that’s more or less how we feel when we are looking at Veronika’s vases. 

The master of the craft

If you have been keeping up with the world of design, you probably already know that Rony is one of the most internationally acclaimed Czech sculptors and designers, who – as a professor at the Prague’s Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM) – mentored half of the rising designer stars on our roster. 

The ambassador of Czech art and design

Jakub is the co-founder of Qubus, the cult design studio, and one of the leading figures of contemporary Czech design. Originally, he studied to be a sculptor, but he later moved on from it to design, glass and porcelain. 

Hanging on the edge of pop-art

Maxim Velčovský is a designer, lecturer, and – without a doubt – the face of Czech design today. Together with Jakub Berdych, he co-founded Qubus Design Studio in 2002, and already their first collection (as well as Maxim’s dissertation) was a great success. In 2007, he was named a Designer of the year at the Czech Grand Design Awards. He left Qubus in 2011 and has been working as a creative director of Lasvit ever since. 

The storyteller

Although he originally studied product and graphic design, Michal Bačák is now one of the most distinctive Czech illustrators. You could have seen his illustrations featured in all kinds of newspapers, books and magazines, as well as on porcelain, furniture, walls or other objects. He often collaborates with designers and brands – he worked on projects with the DECHEM studio, Preciosa or Hermés. 

Softness meets roughness

Two young designers, Markéta Kalivodová and Richard Švejda, joined their forces (and amazing talents) to create VOBOUCH, a studio dedicated to combining porcelain with all kinds of curious materials. And when we say curious, we mean it – their creations are unexpected in every way.  

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