Artisème home is located by the famous John Lennon Wall in the former Sala Terrena of The Grand Priory Palace, only few steps away from the Charles bridge.



Built in 1180 AD, the Grand Priory Palace is also a formal residence to The Sovereign Military Order Of Maltese Knights that was granted the land to build the palace upon on the invite of the King of Bohemia.

The palace has been rebuilt numerous times during its rich 800 year history, and went through all major architectonic styles. It was originally built in the Romanesque architecture and later further expanded in Gothic style. A major reconstruction took place in 1610 when it was rebuilt in Renaissance style which was then followed in 1725 in the final Baroque architecture in which it remains today.



Palace built following the end of 2nd crusade by Order of Maltese Knights


The central tree planted in the garden


Beethoven visits Prague, coins the nickname for the Beethoven tree in the garden


Major recontruction in Renaissance style


Final Baroque Architecture


Lennon Wall was painted with large scale Lennon face and formalized as Lennon Wall

The Grand Priory Palace is now a home to design and art with Artisème, while still remaining as the residence of The Grand Prior of The Maltese Knights, as well as the Embassy of the Knights of Malta. It has been established as The National Cultural Heritage and is considered as one of the oldest and most historically important places in the Prague.


Artisème is located in the ground floor premises of the former Sala Terrena, featuring original baroque frescos and an adjacent 1,100 sqm palace garden, also known as “The Garden of Eden”. The garden itself underwent a major rejuvenation under the Artisème lead with replanting more than +2,500 pieces of 80 species of perennials and shrubs, to restore the well- appointed, charming, lush styled garden with carefully curated art pieces.

The Art Garden of Artisème opens its doors to locals for leisure during the day as well as regularly featuring pop-up art and design exhibitions and other various joyous occasions and private events.

Whether daytime, twilight or after sunset, Artisème’s garden’s magic makes any event truly memorable.

Elegant and intimate venue with lush garden, perfect for your event or private celebration.

Beethoven tree

Our garden is also a home to a majestic 300 year old Platan tree (Hispanicus Platanus) which is with its 30 meters in height and 738 cm in girth considered the largest tree in Prague and one of the biggest and oldest in Czechia. The history of the tree dates back to 17th century and it is also nicknamed the Beethoven tree due to Ludwig van Beethoven enjoying its shade as his regular resting place during 1796 when he was residing in Prague.


The Artisème Art Garden is also adjacent to The Church of Our Lady beneath the Chain which historically served as the Knights of Malta’s headquarters. The church played a prominent role in the history of Prague, even serving for Charles IV (the Emperor of Holy Roman Empire and the commissioner of the Charles Bridge) funeral ceremony in 1378.