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The artists Ivana Mašková a Klára Mašková –

a mother and a daughter – work under the brand name ‘livefordetails-art’.


Together they create paintings and sculptures whose beauty lies in every little detail; they exhibit subtle color combinations, simple shapes and clean lines. Both Ivana and Klára have, over the years of experimentation, acquired their own distinct manner of work. While Ivana focuses on the employment of rough structures of varied natural materials, Klára creates delicate acrylic abstractions.


This year, the duo decided to join forces bringing to life the ‘Limitless’ series in which one is able to discern the artists’ distinct techniques as well as their individual understanding of beauty. Their artworks deal with topics such as freedom, dreaming, the universe, love, and travel. They are about the loss of the notion of time, about moments spent with one another, and finally about the limitlessness of the “self”. Simply put, their works communicate the fact that We Are… limitless.

       Exhibition in Artisème

        An ongoing exhibition until March'20