We believe we all need a bit more beauty in our lives.

Plan A


It all began with a plan to open a… café. We visited a few shops and galleries to get some designer pieces for our future interior, and it struck us that often, the way the artwork was presented didn’t do it justice. The poorer the presentation, the harder it was for us to appreciate the art, let alone to choose which one we want. Something had to be done about that. And that’s how Artisème (Artisan and Bohéme) was born.

A vase with flowers, design mirror and a candle for home decor

Embrace Your Inner Bohemian


For us, the Bohemian spirit lies in taking a step back from what the trends say we should find beautiful and – instead – searching for a definition of our own. It is, in many ways, an exercise in mindfulness, because our senses are often overwhelmed by the overload of information we consume every day. It may not be easy, but it is worth it. We believe that understanding your unique aesthetical taste brings you closer to who you are.

Appreciate the Craft


You may find beauty everywhere, of course, but it is the objects created in the pursuit of someone’s truth, that have a special charm. Crafted with love by artists and designers who would often spend long hours perfecting their piece – that is the kind of artistic work we want to support.  

Handmade ceramic vase in hands of the designer Veronika Svabenikova

Our goal is to make art and design as normal a part of our lives as, say, music or food.